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Monday, 19 December 2016

"Yes, I'm on LinkedIn, oooh but ... my Profile needs updating..."

How many times have I met people at networking events, shows, meetings etc, and I hear, 'Ooh, yes I am on LinkedIn, <sigh>, but my profile needs updating'?

Why would you do that?  Why would this be OK?  Particularly if LinkedIn is an important part of your Marketing Mix?  You are better than that, you're worth more than that, I mean, would you give out an old business card, from a previous position?

Yes I'm on LinkedIn, <sigh>,
but my profile needs updating
Maybe that comes across a tad harsh, it's not meant to be - I am all about encouraging, enabling and inspiring, so focus on the 'You're worth it' - hmmm handy catch phrase that...

The thing is, its not a huge investment, but the ROI is massive. Think about it, keeping your LinkedIn Profile up to date costs nothing more than a little time?  OK - maybe you need a 'LinkedIn Update Strategy', but more likely just start thinking of your Profile as a pivotal part of your Marketing Mix.

Everyone updates their profile if you are using Linked to find your next job.  We need to be more strategic, especially if you are using LinkedIn as part of your Marketing Mix, get into the habit of updating your profile whenever those marketing messages change.

If for you your LinkedIn Profile is a Marketing Tool and a precious piece of Marketing Colateral. Then, when there's change (maybe a new focus, new product launch, new direction, new web site) that requires new Marketing Messeages, drop by your LinkedIn Profile and make sure that its updated too.

LinkedIn approve of regular updates and fresh content, so do the search engines,  But far more importantly so will those visiting suspects and prospects who are doing their due diligence on you, your product/service or brand.  If when viewing your profile vistors don't recoginse what they see as what they were expecting, 'boing' of they bounce.  WOW - there's an idea, maybe a metric LinkedIn should provide us is our Profile View 'bounce' rate, how long a visitor spends on our profile would be a very interesting metric

This is all part of Effective and Efficient Social Media, your Social Media Strategy should have clear and direct connections back to you business Goals and Objectives (and no mixed messages).  That way - you know your investment in Social Media directly supports delivering your business Goals and Objectives.  And your LinkedIn Profile will form part of your suspects/prospects due diligence! Think about that ... you are being considered, they are about to be reaching for the phone - don't drop the ball so close to the finish line.

So, there you have it ... keep your LinkedIn Profile aligned with your Marketing Messages, doesn't take long.

I know!  Go take 10 minutes NOW, if your profile needs updating, go do it now.  A few things will happen - 
  • You're Profile will be up to date :)
  • LinkedIn likes activity and engagement.
  • You just invested in YOU, way to go, take a bow, high five :)
  • Everyone knows you are investing in YOU - as those following you will be told of the update.  This does depend on your settings, check them by going to 'Privacy and Settings' => 'Privacy' => 'Sharing profile edits'.
  • And, bless you for reading my blog and acting on it so quickly, YOU have made MY day.

If you need help with creating a world class, optimised, LinkedIn Profile.  One that supports your sales and marketing, helps with your conversion ratio's and gets YOU FOUND, we have worksbooks, tutorials and training courses that can help. 

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