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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What's LinkedIn's Connection Strategy ?

Back in July 2014 I posted a blog on how I reviewed and modified my LinkedIn Connection strategy.  There's a link to that blog HERE

Basically when I started out on LinkedIn I was looking to grow my network and I was very relaxed and not at all selective, 'promiscuous' as I put it in my blog.  And like all strategies, that strategy was regularly reviewed and once I had a large enough network I changed and currently my connection strategy is far more selective.

Well, I am not alone in reviewing my connection strategy, as LinkedIn have done the same ... Imagine my delight, where I lead, LinkedIn follows.  I know, in my dreams I should be so influential, but hey - its my blog, the sky can be any colour I like  ;)

So what have LinkedIn done?  As far as I can tell, as at the time of writing I can't find any announcements, LinkedIn have radically changed their policy on who you can send invitations to connect too.  Before, when you wanted to invite someone else on LinkedIn to connect with you a pop up box would appear and you had to give LinkedIn evidence for how you may know the target... choose from ...
     We worked together
     We studied together
     We share a group
     Were friends in the real world and here is their email address..... etc

Well, that barrier / gate keeper to sending invitation to connect has gone away.  Now you can connect with anyone... You do not need any prior association at all.  That's people that you are 2nd or 3rd degree connections with, and people entirely outside you network.

Now when you visit a profile there's a blue button "Connect" - hit that button and a default invitation has been sent.  You can customise these invitations, its not obvious how - next to the connect button there's a 'Send Mick Inmail' button and next to that a drop down menu with an option to send a customised invitation.

So - LinkedIn gets all promiscuous and is letting us all connect, at least for now :D