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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Connecting on LinkedIn - "How do you know Mick?"

My gander is ... up.

Not often that happens, pretty casual, easy going guy, not much rattles my cage - unless I find Marmite in the kitchen!

So, what's up Mick? I'll chuffing tell you what is up.  I just invested an hour of my life sitting through an online training course that promised to show me how to get in front of  'X' hundred targetted LinkedIn prospects.  That I picked up little new, is fine, its always good to see how other people use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn only let you connect with people you know in some way
LinkedIn ask 'How do you know....'

Whats rattled my cage was the connection strategy proposed by our hero.  Having carried out a targetted search, the advice was to reach out to the 2nd degree connections in the results.  Fair enough.  But the advice was to send invitations to connect, again - fair enough.  Then, to get around what to do when LinkedIn asks, as they always do, "How do you know Mick ?" the advice was to simply click on  "We've done Business Together"  REGARDLESS of whether that was true !!

Moreover - the presenter claims there was a 'bug' in LinkedIn that lets you do this and hence allows the invite to be sent!!

Lorks-a-Lordy, wrong on so many levels.  Its not a bug in LinkedIn! LinkedIn assume you will be honest, so do I!  It is not alright to make a claim to a relationship that isn't so, don't you think the recipient will know if you did or didn't work together?

Now, here's the thing, above all else, what are you saying about yourself if you are so willing to start a relationship with a... LIE !!

Good luck with that,..

What should you do?  Use Inmails, find their email address and click 'Other' and use that route, failing that see if you can engage via groups.  If all else fails, and you really must lie, then in the least customize the invitation text and apologise, excuse your actions by confessing to using the 'backdoor' method to invite.

So, note to self's - bear this in mind, if you are open to invitations to connect, make it easy for people to invite you to connect, and that's so easy - how about putting your email address in your LinkedIn Profile?  After all, for any invitation, you can always say NO.

Am I alone with this one? Is it just me?


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  1. Interesting one Mick. I often use the 'We've done business together' route when I know we haven't, but I always personalose the invitation with something like, "I know we haven't done business together yet, but we met at xxxx and I'd like to stay in touch. I hope to see you again soon, but in the meantime, let's connect on LinkedIn." It normally works fine.

  2. Hi, Thanks for you contribution.

    Yes, I coach as such. Although we train other ways to get connected, but if there's no other way - 'last resort' kinda thing, then explaining why you took this course is the best you can do. And consistent with there being realy good synergy and reason behind the invitation to connect, this seems to work.