Why Facebook restrict your post reach

24-7 On-Line Groups

24-7 manage a number of Groups and Communities on various Social Media platforms, you are welcome to join us on your preferred platform - and enjoy open, educational, sharing and fun discussions on how to get the most out of Social Media for your Business...

The groups all have the same name... 'Social Media For Business & Lead Generation'

And the same purpose ... Membership of the groups is open to anyone. Their purpose is to provide a friendly, fun and safe forum for Business Social Networking.  Members are encouraged to practice their Social Networking Strategies. 

With only a few rules to bear in mind... 1. Please do not post blatantly commercial/sales items, or anything that could be considered 'spam' 

2. While YOU are responsible for the content of YOUR posts, we will delete any posts that could be illegal or cause offence, or in our opinion could be illegal or cause offence. 

3. If you need help... ask - were all here to help.

That's all... ENjoy, ENgage, ENrich, ENough lets get going...  You can find the groups here ... 




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