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Thursday, 28 February 2013

How come Google are so good at what they do...

Recently I was at a presentation by Google, at their London HQ, I was invited to hear about their plans for the future.  For me such a title from such an organization is pretty well aimed and guarantees I’ll be there. 

I came away with mixed feelings and a little disappointed in that I didn't learn much about future products, technologies or strategies.  But mixed feelings because I was quietly content that I was keeping myself on top of most things Google, including anticipating tomorrow.

So I didn't get the revealing insights to the future I was looking for.  However, I did learn, to my mind, why Google have done what they do and done it so well.  A few facts and features that I picked up …

  1. In January 2013 Google announced they had achieved $50Bn in revenue for 2012.  With 54,000 employees, that’s about a staggering £600,000+ contribution per employee.   
  2. Google don’t see themselves as a Search Engine, Social Media or Web business.  They see themselves as a Technology company.
  3. Half of their employee’s are technical
  4. These Technical Employees are allowed half a day a week to work on their own research projects, researching … anything they are interested in.
  5. These projects are reviewed and selected projects are developed further… By teams of these Technical Employees who are allowed a further one and a half days a week to work on these projects.
  6. Google Apps For Business, their cloud based solutions are an increasingly compelling option for any business.  At $50 per user per year (February 2013) it is virtually free !
I spent 16 years as a technical software engineer.   I know what motivated me, and how to build a focused and motivated technical team.  If you aspire to be world class and looking to attract world class people … Allowing your technical people to spend 40% of their time in research does it.

Little wonder to my mind why Google have done so well, been so dominant.   And I came away with a confirmed belief of just how well google have developed their tools and offerings.  And what about Google+ ?... Simple - 'Social' is central to everything Google are doing and planning, so Google+ will continue to be much more than a Social Platform.

Consequently, something for us to consider is the whole issue of change and change management because to many executive's, or over 30's, non techies and even those that can sense the future is all about being Social, its just so unfamiliar.  Not everyone understands it and may need help embracing it - otherwise they will hold their businesses back.

24-7 Business Networking are doing our best to help Micro Businesses and SME's... create more LEADS, and make more SALES, using SOCIAL MEDIA.  We do this through high quality training showing you how to use Social Media and how to link Social Media into your marketing strategy, to grow your business in a focused way. 

What barriers do you see to people adopting cloud technologies, or making their businesses more Social ?