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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Microsoft buying LinkedIn for $26Bn

So, Microsoft are buying LinkedIn for $26Bn. 
Commercially - that's some story.   Bravo LinkedIn - from an initial IPO valuation of just over $4Bn, closing that day valued at $8.9Bn.  Recently, losing $11Bn in value in one day (05/02/2016), and now valued and purchased for $26Bn.  
That's good work by Reid Hoffman etal - bravo LinkedIn bravo...
Bravo Reid Hoffman Bravo
Bravo Reid Hoffman Bravo

As to why Microsoft would acquire LinkedIn?
To me this could be a smart move by Microsoft. Before they had Bing, they had their s/w on every desk top but knew nothing of their customers...  The value of really knowing all about your clients was a big lesson they learn't from Google.  Hence the investment in Bing, IE and now Edge.  Now Microsoft know a lot about us, crucial insights to what we do/like/want etc. So why LinkedIn?  This Microsoft making a move on the social platforms?  Are they after Facebook, will LinkedIn become less Business / Recruitment centric? 
Days later it seems, having failed to purchase SalesForce, Microsoft valued highly the sales data and sales tools that come with LinkedIn.  Looking even more like a smart strategic move by Microsoft.  And again bravo Reid for knowing the value of your business, bravo.
Microsoft attracted to LinkedIn's sales data and sales tools
Microsoft attracted to LinkedIn's sales data and sales tools
Thoughts anyone?

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