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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Is Twitter's Periscope Livestreaming app a business tool? Why not !

Periscope, for business?  Why not !

Mick's Twittter Account - https://twitter.com/Mick_HollowayAt the time of writing Periscope was the latest tool to hit the Social Media Streets.  Only a month old and already its 'livecasting' abilities are being applied to a fabulous range of innovative - as well as strange, funny and... copyright infringing uses.

So what opportunities have the entrepreneurs seen?  Here's some idea's that have presented themselves through observation and experimentation.

1. Product Launches.  The BIG boys cracked this ages ago, Apple launch events have cult like following, as do Google I/O, 007...  Now we can get involved, ok we won't have the audiences, but we can create some noise and more importantly some fresh content.

2. Promotions.  Got a deal, got some news... maybe a call to action as part of your product launch?  Brands are already livecasting ... well anything and everything, Adidas Sports wear used Periscope to livecast Footballer James Rodriguez signing a contract with them, Hilton Hotels livecast concerts from their venues.

3. Blogging, or Vlogging as they call it.  An obvious use for Periscope, easy, quick and real time - so arguably more real / authentic.  Periscope settings let you save the video to your iPhone or Android device.  Motivated to share something, click, point, speak, couldn't be easier... You're warming to this now aren't you ;)

4. Exclusive content.  Your top tips, inside info or special events, encourage engagement and reward viewers with special or exclusive content.  West Ham Utd Football club live stream behind the scenes events including Man of the Match awards and presentations.

5. Tutorials, training or demonstrations.  Live, real time, anytime any place.  The relaxed casual tone can work very well.

6. Q & A.  Maybe for the bravest of you, but realtime Q&A sessions are very effective.  Viewers questions scroll up the screen so there's no hiding place everyone see's the questions - even the awkward ones.

7. Live events.  Share that high tech hot topic seminar...

Twitter Periscope Example

So, having watched a few Priscope Livecasts .... I have some advice... some top tips, from a viewers perspective ...

1.  Use a tripod. . . unless its clearly an action shot ... Please .. no wobbly hand held streams.
2.  Make sure you're connected with WiFi or 4G... Please nnnnnnoo freeeeeeeze framessssssss
3.  Frame to maximise the top 1/3rd of the screen.  Viewer comments obscure the bottom 2/3rds
4.  Make the title work, attractive and with a call to action.  Its all users see until they click through.

Finally, remember, Periscope is a world wide platform.  While you can broadcast to a private, select audience, and you can block individuals in real time, if your going public - the age old catch phrase applies ..."What happens on Periscope... Stays... Public - World Wide".

Have I mentioned our "Periscope for Estate Agents" training course yet ;)

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