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Friday, 26 June 2015

Don't think your profile photo matters ?

Don't think your LinkedIn profile photo matters ?

Example LinkedIn Profile Photo
At our 24-7 Social Media Training and Networking events, we always review someone's LinkedIn profile. Its not a dire experience... honest, everyone starts all anxious, then really love the feedback, which  
incidentally is always constructive) its great to hear what our experts think, but better to hear what your colleagues and peers think.  
Today at our 24-7 Newport Pagnell UK group we spent 10 minutes 'just' discussing someone's profile photo. Here's the thing, firstly no one made the group focus on the photo, it just happened that way, all of a sudden we realised we had been discussing this photo for 10 minutes. Secondly, it was actually quite a good picture, the observations, comments and discussions were fabulous.

So if you think no one bothers that much about your profile photo, think again.   The way I see it you have a few choices here -  

The Professional Head and Shoulders shot, a good investment.  Photographers know how the laws of physics apply to light, and the engineering limitations of a camera, they understand composition and they have an eye for detail.  You will be well lit, composed, your eye's will be open, the background will not distract, there will be no light reflecting in your glasses, no photobombing - you'll look GOOOOD.
Your LinkedIn Profile is no place for a Selfie

DIY with a smart Phone.  The quality of the smart phone camera's is just fine, so this is an OK solution, just think a while about the composition, look for well lit places, simple background - the background will likely be in focus, 10p bet you won't be considering focus, white balance and depth of field.  And get someone else to hold the camera - please, I'm not up for debating this one, ok?  This isn't the time for a selfie!! 

Use a Holiday Pic. OK - where to start... Actually I am writing this at 16:00 on a Friday afternoon and we are too close to the weekend to phaffff about.  Could you use a Holiday Pic - No.  Move along now, there's no more to see here ;)

No Photo - LinkedIn claim search results with photo's are 7 times more likely to be clicked on than those with no photo.  Not sure I need say more do I?  I do !!  OK, well how about this, if you don't provide a photo, linkedIn will use a silhouette, a bland grey (and I have read its a male) silhouette, not at all subtle ... think sore thumbs and standing out like.  Don't shout at LinkedIn - its your profile - get a picture ... and anyway - if you don't post a photo on your Twitter profile they use an EGG !  Think on how that works as a first Impression!

  Need I say more?  I DO!!  OK... Whats the message you are giving out if you cannot even bother to post a photo?  Most mobile phones have HD camera's, if yours doesn't or you don't have a mobile or tablet, at your next networking event (we all network don't we? ... NO! - Well go see www.24-7.so) just ask the person next to you, stand in front of a plain wall, smile and think of that breakfast, it will soon be over and you won't feel a thing.  
So, if you haven't already, go get yourself a photo for your profiles - just gimme 10 minutes to post my old Panasonic DMZ DZ-10 camera on Ebay, great for LinkedIn Profiles, I'll send y'all the link... 

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