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Monday, 20 August 2012

Introduction to LinkedIn

Hello, and welcome to our second Social Media Blog introducing you to LinkedIn. 
In our first blog we talked about Social media being all about Online Conversations and the importance of getting found on line... Now we start looking at how we do this and begin looking at the various Social Media platforms we can use for Business purposes. 

Starting with LinkedIn. 

Linkedin is now a mature growing Social Media platform, now part of the MicroSoft empire.  Although its members numbers (over 460 Million) are a fraction of those of Facebook – LinkedIn’s focus on Professionals, Education and Business makes it uniquely interesting to us.  So what can it do for us ? 

Raise and, build awareness, of you and your business - via Professional Profiles, hosting Recommendations, hosting Rich Multimedia Marketing collateral, Company Information and Company Pages.

Encouraging professional / business orientated Social Networking and building relationship between people you have worked with, people you have done business with AND ... people you would like to do business with.

Establish you as an authority on your subject, you can publish your thoughts, idea’s, products and services and create a targeted following using LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Groups.

Generate Leads – Consistently.  LinkedIn is a valuable research tool – so you and your Company can be found and put in front of millions of UK based subscribers 24/7.

Find Experts.  LinkedIn has excellent search facilities, and profiling algorithms, for matching people with your search criteria, making research on people, companies, sectors or technologies very effective. 

Continual Learning.  Via LinkedIn Learning Subscribers get access to a superb library of training courses (rebadged Lynda.com who LinkedIn own)

Your LinkedIn Profile is the most complete, content rich, multimedia profile of all the Social Media Platforms, I suggest for professionals, as well as your Google ranking’s, your ranking on LinkedIn is increasingly important.

And, it gets better – a basic LinkedIn account is FREE.  

So let's get you started, once you have your LinkedIn account, connect to me here's a link to my profile http://uk.linkedin.com/in/mickholloway, mention this blog so I know where you met me, and join our group Social Media for Business & Lead Generation (UK).

24-7 run a number of Social Media Training and Networking Groups in the UK, to find out more about 24-7 and our groups click HERE
My next Blog will introduce Twitter for Business.  Until then...

Mick Holloway,
24-7 Business Networking,

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