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Monday, 13 August 2012

Introduction to Social Media

Hello, and welcome to my first BLOG... 

I thought I would go all Julie Andrews and “start at the very beginning...”  :  With an introduction to Social Media and Social Networking.  To start things off, some definitions, since I like keeping things nice and simple so let’s go with these -

Social Media is – Websites, or platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, that help people having a presence on line, have conversations On Line
Social Networking is – Using these websites

So if you have heard of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter then you have already heard of Social Networking.  We will be learning about these as we go, I would add LinkedIn and Google+ to this list, and I will be keeping an eye out and reporting on emerging technologies  ( if you like reading ahead – check out Pinterest.com ).

Let’s nail the Elephant in the room.  I am often asked – “How is Social Networking going to help me with my Business ?“.  Here’s the picture - Social Media, Social Networking, Google, Wikipedia... the web - have enabled our clients to “buy smarter” MUCH smarter.  No one wants to be sold too anymore – they can do their own research and make their own well informed decisions.  A few years ago if we needed a supplier we would reach for Yellow Pages, or Kelly’s Directories, these days we can Google for the product or service we require then compare price, delivery, take up references - or read reviews... In minutes. 

So Marketing and Sales have changed.  We’re in the era of relationship marketing ( see Seth Godin’s work on “Permission Marketing” ) where we have to "earn the attention and interest of our clients”.   So how can Social Networking Help you? ... By getting you found by your customers, when they are looking, when they are in the buying cycle for your products or services... so when the phone ring’s  the due diligence has been done – In Bound Marketing ... RULES.

At 24-7 we have a range of Social Media training courses available through our networking meetings, class room based courses, webinars and google+ hangouts. 

Would you like to know how to set up a Simple Social Networking Campaign in less than an hour, which then takes ONLY 10 minutes a day to run ...  find out more - HERE

My next Blog will introduce LinkedIn, a Social Media web site for Business and Professionals.  Until then...

Mick Holloway,
24-7 Business Networking,

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