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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pitching a new follower on Twitter #EPIC #FAIL ?

Pitching a new follower on Twitter #EPIC #FAIL ?

Once again, I'm pondering, asking myself a question I have asked myself an awful lot, and an awful lot more lately...  Is It Me?

Could it be?  It could be, maybe so!

What now, what just happened Mick?... I hear you ask.  Well thanks for asking, because this would be a short Blog if you didn't.     I'll tell you what just happened...

Image of some fools Gold - depicting my work is far from done

Twitter relax the rule over the number of characters you can send in a Direct Message (DM).  No longer are you limited to 140 characters.  I get that, its a good strategic move.  Remember you can only DM people you follow and they have followed you back.  People you are engaging with (or should be) so why not relax the message size and accelerate the relationship - allow more, rapport?

Day one, a new follower on Twitter.  I go check them out, as I do, and I find things of interest, synergy and reasons to follow them back.   Which I do.  Tick, one more worthwhile connection, adopt smug mode and reward myself with a coffee, it's tough work... I've earned it.

On returning to my desk, caffeine levels slightly improved, there's a DM from my new connection. Get in there, see, SEE, knew I chose well, I was right, good call - here we go another Networking connection of value, to learn from, to help as I can, to grow with etc etc .

You can see where this is going, no doubt.  It was such a disappointment.  My first DM greater than 140 characters and it was 1021 characters of crude, direct sales pitch, <sigh>.  Worse, it was selling me 'Done for you' outsourced Social Media services.  A couple of things...

1. Someone hadn't read my profile.
2. Someone was just grabbing followers = I'll pick one from - 'Block', 'Remove', 'Mute', 'Unfollow'    
3. Someone, maybe, doesn't understand Social Media?
4. Nelson will get his eye back before I would let them near my business, let alone my social media.

My work is far from done, we train entrepreneurs and SME's how to use Social Media Effectively and Efficiently.  Connections and relationships then if its right the sales funnel appears all on its own.

Long story short- Pitching on a DM to a new connection is a wrong as it gets, so last century - I wonder if they are on MySpace?

Love this quote "Its called Social For a Reason" (I first heard this from @childsdesign).

A new follower pitches you in their 1st DM Tweet - How NOT to do #Social #Media?  Click to Tweet 

Is It Me?   LOL - Of Course Not ;)


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  1. Hi Mick,

    Thanks for posting this. I thought that it was worth adding a further comment on the removal of the 140 character limit, as we have found this to be quite useful so far in helping to improve communications between twitter connections. The 140 characters were a little restrictive when trying to develop a meaningful business relationship. BTW totally agree with your point about pitching on first connection and especially without conducting due diligence on the person first.