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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Introduction to Google Plus

Hello, and welcome to our fourth Social Media Blog this time we are introducing you to Google+

Google+ is Google's latest attempt at taking Google Social, in fact its Google’s third attempt, plus, having also taken time to observe Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc you would hope Google would get it right this time.  After a promising start - it looks like Google are moving features and functionality away from the platform and its future is not going to be as a full on Social Platform.  Currently its major benefit is for sharing content and the benefits of its association with Google... 

Google have been helping us search, find and explore the internet.  Google know what we look for, what we find of interest, where we go and how long we stay there – at least on the internet.  Google have huge data on our web behaviour, and from this data, Google know something.  Google know ‘Social is Key’ and Google+ is all about being social.  Google know that traffic from social web sites convert better.

Google+ makes it easy, very easy, to publish content rich information and get your messages in front of potential customers.  Google+ makes it easy to segment your connections into communities (circles as Google+ calls them) making the whole social networking experience more real.  Your public Google+ posts are indexed by Google so Google+, and especially having a Google+ company page, has considerable SEO benefits. 

And when I say it’s easy... get this... it takes me twice as long to deliver a presentation on how to create a Google+ Company page than it takes the audience to go away and do it.

Next time, more on Google+ as we explore some of the features of Google+

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